I fix what families broke!


Growing up is difficult for all of us, but growing up in a dysfunctional family can make it even harder.  Maybe you grew up in a home with an alcoholic or addicted parent?  Maybe someone in your home had a severe physical or mental condition?  Maybe a parent was pre-occupied with their own lives or were self-centered?  I understand what it is like to come from a dysfunctional family.  I want to share with you how I learned to break free from my past and build the life I always wanted on my own terms. 

The steps toward wholeness are often marked with small, healing releases.


Find out about Forward Recovery, our mission, our methods, and the results of our experience helping dysfunctional family survivors.

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Ready to Drop Your Baggage?

Ready to take the next step? You can drop the experiences of the past that continue to weigh you down.

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